we value his future

our environmental commitment

When we started Ovierre Industries, our motivation was to spend more time with our son doing the things we find most meaningful in life. Sometimes that means fly fishing a high mountain river, and other days that means just a short hike outside of town. We know that our actions impact our son’s future, and the future of so many others. Our respect for the natural and our love for our son requires us to act responsibly toward them both, and we’re committed to doing the best we can with this business.

The sign business isn’t one that is normally thought of as ‘green’. Many signs are made from first use, single use plastics, and there is a large amount of waste involved in typical signmaking. We don’t claim to have a zero waste business, and we still struggle to find better alternatives for sign making processes. But we believe that it’s important to try, and to improve as we go. We’re including some of our efforts below.


As a 1% For the Planet member, we’re proud to join a group of businesses globally giving a portion of our profits to support environmental efforts.

LEED Green Associate

Jess is a certified LEED Green Associate, which means she is equipped to work with teams seeking LEED certification as their signage partner, and that we share the values of project managers who are prioritizing LEED for their spaces.

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