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  • Custom A Frame Sidewalk Signs that Stand Out

    One of our biggest wins comes when our clients’ outdoor sidewalk signs stop foot traffic. Before starting our custom sign business online, we ran retail shops on Main Street in our hometown. So, we know firsthand how many details have to come together to create the brand you want your customers to experience. Here are …

  • An exterior sign with height and length measurements sketched around it.

    How big can a sign be without planning and permitting?

    Outfitting a space with signage can seem like an overwhelming mess of tasks. One of the most challenging parts can be answering the simple question: what’s the maximum size of sign I can have without needing a permit?

  • How to download the right file type from Canva

    How to download the right file type from Canva

    We all know that Canva is a great resource for creating consistent visuals and branded content. When it comes time to pull the designs you’ve made out of Canva and onto a physical product, choosing the right file type can make a big difference in quality for the end result. At Ovierre Industries, we prefer …

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